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Hoosier DMR adds new MV-DMR Bridge

From Hoosier DMR Facebook page:

As we sit back and relish where Hoosier DMR has come from since its inception and the struggles we have endured, I am overwhelmed by the growth we have seen in just under a year. Much like the majestic Phoenix, we arose from the ashes even stronger and very well motivated.

The W9AMT repeater in Indianapolis hasn't even been on the air a year yet, and look where we've come and what we've accomplished. What started out as a webpage ( to simply inform Indiana Hams about DMR locally has blown up into a globally recognized regional DMR network, and honestly none of it would have even been remotely possible without the help of all the Hoosier DMR trustees and its users.

The addition of the W9YB repeater filled up our last I.P.S.C. manager, so today we called BridgeCom Systems, Inc. to purchase the 30 license upgrade for our bridge! That's unheard of...And our repeaters aren't a mag mount on some shithouse in the middle of a deserted county either. Our network consists of power-house, high profile machines with phenomenal coverage, bringing the Hoosier DMR network to some 22,000 square miles of Indiana.

Thanks to Ron at BridgeCom for being very supportive and for answering all our dumb questions and to Tim Barrett K6BIV, for all your tutelage, support and amazing reciprocity.

I can't wait to see where we are next year.

Hoosier DMR

BridgeCom MV-DMR Bridge

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