Worth every penny and more!

Worth every penny and more!


I’m the guy that will usually research until I’m sick of myself then never buy anything. This was a knee jerk purchase that I have not regretted one bit. I wanted a new analog ht and also wanted to get into DMR, I nailed it this time. Unsolicited audio reports are excellent. The speaker in the radio itself gives clear audio, the type of am broadcast radio fidelity that warms you up. The screen is crisp and clear, you can set what you want to see through the programming software very easily. The different colors make it easy to look at. Code plug programming is a breeze! Bridgecom has excellent videos on YouTube to step you through it. I wrote my own and was on my local repeater in less than 30 minutes. The battery life is amazing. I took this in my work car, left it on all day, had a 30 minute qso, switched between repeaters for about 13 hours and was still showing 7 volts in the battery. Long story short, stop thinking about it and just buy it. You will not be disappointed!



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