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Still early, short time review.

Still early, short time review.


Not much 220 mobiles around to choose from. My first rig was Kenwood 331A. Since then I have had at least 5 other 220 mobiles. First of all the BCM 220 mobile has no gimmicks or bells or whistles, which I consider a plus. The RX is better than my TYT 9000 and my Alinco DR 235. Programming the BCM 220 is super easy from the buttons on the front of the radio. Unfortunately when you put a repeater pair in memory, it displays the the RX Frequency with a "-MEM" at the end. No channel number is assigned to the memory entry. Not a deal breaker for me. Fortunately with programming software, you can assign a channel number or put another label to the memory slot. Each memory slot can have have it's own power level setting. Unfortunately while in memory mode, the power level can not be changed. I work a round this by entering the same repeater pair into multiple memories with different TX power levels, and label them as such via software. The radio reminds me a commercial radio. I had nothing but good reports on the TX audio. The mic is very heavy duty and has the commercial knob on the back that clips into a hanger which is supplied. I hate the trend of microphones which have an eyelet on top which a metal hook hanger fits in. Front firing speaker works great, but adding a good quality external speaker rocks. The scan feature is easy to use. Rugged heavy duty radio, great RX and TX, plenty of memory channels, easy to program, and very easy to operate, makes this a great radio. I received the radio in the late afternoon and had the memory channels programmed in no time. The next day, I emailed a question to Bridgecom the next day, only to get a reply in less than an hour. Great support! One of my friends just purchased a 220 repeater to Bridgecom to replace an older repeater. Can't wait till it is on the air!


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