BCM-220 1.25m Mobile Radio w/Programming Kit

$ 290.00

Introducing the BCM-220 Mobile Radio for amateur radio. Do you want a commercial quality radio? Do you need a durable link radio? Do you need a mobile radio with the power, features, and ease of programming you desire? Then the BCM-220 is for you!

The BCM-220 operates in 220 MHz (1.25m) range of the RF Spectrum. The BCM-220 is packed with features including 30 watt Mitsubishi power amplifier, Alpha-Numeric Display, 4W Front Panel Speaker and 250 memory channels.
Add the programming kit for more great features like Alpha Numeric programming, data, and easier programming.

Included in the package is the Radio, DTMF microphone, mounting hardware, and 12V power cord. Get on the 1.25m band today with a BCM-220. 

  • 222.0-224.995 MHz Rx and Tx, 219-220.0 MHz Data Only
  • High quality Mitsubishi RF Power Amplifier - 5W / 10W / 20W / 30W selectable
  • 250 Channel Capability
  • VFO and Memory Mode
  • 4W Front Panel Speaker
  • High Quality ± 1.5 ppm Frequency Stability TCXO
  • Alpha-Numeric Dot Matrix Display
  • CTSS/DCSS Enc/Dec
  • DTMF Enc
  • UHF Female Antenna Connector
  • Wide and Narrow FM Modes
  • User Selectable Squelch Level
  • Rear Panel Accessory Port (Female High Density DE-15)
  • VFO Scan and Memory Scan
  • Memory Store and Delete
  • 10W external Speaker output port

Package includes: Radio, DTMF Microphone, Mounting Hardware, and 12V Power Cord. Additional accessories and programming kit sold separately.

For the BCM-220 user's manual, product spec sheet, and product videos, please go to the Product Support page.

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David Leggett

This is a solid radio. No comparison to cheap Chinese stuff. Audio reports are great, only issue is that mic gain seems low to others. I have played it back through the repeater and found this to be true. We are working on trying another mic.

TJ Shouse

There are some things that I believe should be included in the program, but still easy to use.

Richard Adamy
Highly Recommended

This radio is extremely well-made. Even the microphone is built for heavy use.

Operating the radio is simple and straight-forward. A quick read of the instructions and I was on the air in less than 5 minutes. There are no menus to sift through to get to the settings.

I get great transmit audio reports on the air. The receive audio is crystal clear I really appreciate the front panel speaker.

The programming kit is very intuitive. It allows me to create a file for wherever I travel.

I highly recommend this radio.

Just Great!

This 1.25 meter radio is built like a tank! Excellent receiver compared to other radios. The programming software and cable are super user friendly. I have various frequencies channelized now with all 4 power settings. This is a great package for anyone looking to get active on 220. Absolutely no regrets here! AAA+++

First 1.25M Mobile Rig I've Had In Years!

I received my BCM-220 a couple of days ago. Since my computer doesn't have a CD player, Bridgecom sent me a link to the proper download for programming the radio. No trouble downloading, installing, and getting ready for the arrival of the radio. When it arrived, I connected it to the power supply, plugged the programming cable into the microphone jack and the USB port on my laptop, and fired them both up.
Programming was a piece of cake. I had the radio programmed and ready to go in only a few minutes. I didn't test it on the air, as I didn't have the antenna yet, and there aren't any 222MHz repeaters close enough for me to check out, either.
I remember when I lived in California, the "California Condors" had a string of 220MHz repeaters from Los Angeles County clear up into Oregon and they could be linked to let someone in LA talk to someone up north 500 miles away. I miss those days. My wife and I were transferring from San Diego to Norfolk, VA and we drove both cars. Communicated all across country with our 220 rigs......sadly, both of them have gone to the boneyard.
Thanks, Bridgecom, for bringing 222 back to us.