MY #1 CHOICE BridgeCom Systems

MY #1 CHOICE BridgeCom Systems


I'm a HAM radio operator and also own a communications retail store in PR and provide communication services to different agencies, both government and private, in the island. We buy a lot of repeaters and have various mountain top tower sites that provide essential repeater coverage. We used to buy all Kenwood repeaters and mayor brand duplexers. One day I came across BridgeCom Systems while searching the web, and decided to give them a try for a UHF repeater that we were installing on the HP INC manufacturing facility in PR. I bought this model with the 4 cavity duplexer. BEST decision I've made in a long time. Programming is flawless, internal controller works perfectly, crisp and loud audio, sensitive receiver, solid modular construction, and the list goes on... I have already bought 2 of these, and a VHF one, and is now my choice for all commercial installs. In the next month will buy another UHF for my HAM 449.400 (DMR and Analog) and one for my GMRS 462.575 in PR. 5 stars!! Many thanks to Chuck and Ron, excellent customer service.

César L Mora Toledo

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