BridgeCom Systems BCD-220 Duplexer

$ 995.00

BridgeCom Systems BCD-220 utilizes six high-Q notch-type coaxial resonators with 2”-cross-section that results in small geometry advantages without compromising duplex isolation. Due to right material choice and temperature compensated design temperature stability has been achieved.

The resonators are made of extruded aluminum passivated inside and outside with the galvanized steel chassis and PTFE insulation has been applied in the coaxial cables and in the connectors.

  • For 220 MHz Amateur Radio
  • Up to 150 W continuous input power
  • 85dB Isolation
  • Low Loss
  • Compact dimensions

Lead time is generally 1-2 weeks. If you need something sooner contact us.

 BCD-220 Spec Sheet



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