BCA-300 Dual-Band Mag Mount Antenna

$ 39.99

Want to extend the range of your radio while driving your car? Get the BCA-300 dual-band antenna

The BCA-300 is a durable dual-band antenna. With its flexible design and strong magnetic mount, it will stay on your car even at high speeds.

Frequency range 400-480MHz & 136-174MHz

Antenna alone is 18-inch tall

Antenna with base is 19.5-inch tall

3-inch diameter base 

SMA female

The feedline is 158in or 13ft 

Unity Gain

Max power 50w

SMA female connector

Compatible with AnyTone, BridgeCom, and any other SMA male radio 



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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brian Dort
Used with digital radio

I paired the BCA-300 with an Anytone 878 and had great results!! I have recommended this antenna to others in my radio club.

Brian KB7SEA

Bill Wooton

Works well

Mark Timblin
Nice little dual band antenna.

I like this little dual band mag mount antenna. It’s small, fits on the roof of my motor home just fine. Bought an adapter so I can use the antenna on my regular 2 meter mobile rig.

Good Antenna

The antenna works great in my truck with an Anytone 878. I was able to acces a repeater that is about 20 miles away with good signal strength and audio clarity. My only complaint is the poor rubber boot that covers the magnet to keep it from scratching the paint. It comes loose too easily making it a pain to set up. I finally had to tape it to the base. Otherwise the antenna made a difference in distance and signal strength.

Leroy Jons

have not used it a lot but works well