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MV Series RoIP Gateway

Introducing the new, smaller, highly configurable MV series RoIP Gateway by BridgeCom Systems.  The MV offers communication solutions utilizing Radio over IP (RoIP) that you won't find anywhere else.  We've made Radio over IP EASY!  The MV series expands on our TL-NET product offerings by reducing site linking costs.  In addition, the MV-IPSC can enhance existing MOTOTRBO™ IP Site Connect site linking capabilities without the need for control stations.

  • Are you interested in eliminating high monthly cost for leased telephone lines?
  • Are there holes in your RF coverage areas?
  • Do you have a mining application where you need radio communication deep within a mine?
  • Is there a geographic obstacle like a hill or mountain preventing RF radio/repeater coverage?
  • Do you need to coverage over several buildings?
  • Small Size 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches
MV-1  - The MV-1 provides for a simple RF to RF end point or RF end point to RF multi endpoint channel connection.  The MV-1 is connected to the accessory port of a base radio or repeater.  Then, by using an IP link, connections can be made to other MV-1 attached to radios or repeaters.  A wide area site-to-site system is now created.  The MV-1 provides a less expensive solution when just one to one or one to many remote voice connections is required.  The MV-1 goes hand in hand with our PC-Client Dispatch.  Visit our PC-Client page for more details.

      MV-2  - The MV-2 functions just like the MV-1, but provides for two RF connections.  

      MV-3 - The MV-3 functions just like the MV-1, but provides for three RF connections.

      System Example: 

      BridgeCom MV-1 RoIP Single Site Diagram

      We invite you to read our free white paper detailing how we implemented a very large wide-area system using our MV series in conjunction with MOTOTRBO.  Please click HERE.

      The MV series is highly configurable and can be tailored for your specific application. Please call or email and tell us what you're working with.  We can then provide a custom quote to meet your needs.

      TL-NET and MV Series Operator Guide

      MV Series RoIP Solution Specifications

      BridgeCom Systems, Inc is a licensed MOTOTRBO Application Developer Provider

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