USA & International Hotspot Super Codeplug

$ 49.99

This is a custom codeplug created by our Head Technician, Sebastian - KB0TTL. He developed it for use with our SkyBridge Handheld Plug and Play package, and our SkyBridge Mobile Plug and Play package.

While you can purchase this if you have an AnyTone DMR radio. This is a standalone item and does not inherently come with programming by our team.

To have this codeplug programmed into your radio, order it with one of our Plug and Play packages (mentioned above) or a SkyBridge Upgrade Kit.

The USA & International Hotspot Super Codeplug contains the following:

- Statewide Talkgroups for All 50 States and Washington D.C.
- Country Wide Talkgroups for all 78 International Countries Available on the Brandmeister Network
- Receive Only Channels for All 7 NOAA Weather Frequencies