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📢 Memorial MEGA Sale LIVE! Check out NEW Bundle Deals with Reduced Prices and SAVE BIG! 📢

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SkyBridge MAXimizer

Ready to take your SkyBridge Plus hotspot to the next level?

Introducing the SkyBridge Maximizer – your opportunity to send in your existing SkyBridge Plus, and let BridgeCom's expert technicians transform it into a SkyBridge Max Hotspot, unleashing a whole new world of possibilities.

Why Upgrade to SkyBridge Max?

🚀 Cutting-Edge Performance: We'll migrate your hotspot to the New Pi-Star Image (WPSD), optimizing its performance and ensuring you're equipped with the latest features for seamless ham radio operations.

🔧 Expert Craftsmanship: Our in-house technicians will expertly upgrade your device, guaranteeing top-notch quality and reliability - no matter how long it takes.

👍 Seamless Transition: No need to start from scratch. Your upgraded SkyBridge Max will be ready to elevate your ham radio experience from the moment it's powered on.

How Does It Work?

  1. Purchase the SkyBridge Maximizer: Get started by selecting the SkyBridge Max Upgrade service for just $149.

  2. Send in Your SkyBridge Plus: We'll provide you with instructions on sending in your current SkyBridge Plus hotspot.

  3. Expert Upgrade: Our technicians will work their magic, transforming your SkyBridge Plus into a SkyBridge Max.

  4. Enjoy Enhanced Performance: Once the upgrade is complete, your device will be returned to you, primed and ready to embrace the future of ham radio.

Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to upgrade your hotspot and unlock its full potential. Elevate your ham radio experience with the SkyBridge Maximizer today!

Key Features:

🚀 Improved Web Interface Dashboard: Enjoy an enhanced user experience with improved functionality and a fresh visual facelift for our web interface dashboard.

📊 Dashboard Display Options: Tailor your dashboard with flexible display options, including the ability to show talkgroup names and caller details or hide kerchunks as per your preferences.

📞 Live Caller Display: Stay connected in real-time with a live caller display, making it easier to manage your ham radio communications.

📈 Detailed System Data: Access comprehensive system data for more informed decision-making during your radio operations.

🔄 Grouped Options: Experience an organized interface with improved grouping of related options, simplifying your hotspot management.

💻 Up-to-Date OS and Core Software: Our hotspot is built on a foundation of up-to-date operating systems and core software, guaranteeing improved reliability.

📡 Future Development Focus: Expect future developments to be based on this robust core, ensuring ongoing improvements and innovations.

🎯 Frequency Offset Storage: New units now have the ability to store frequency offsets in onboard EEPROM for optimal tuning, enhancing your radio's performance.

💼 Profile Storage: Store multiple profiles directly on the SkyBridge MAX, accessible from the web interface. Say goodbye to managing multiple .zip configuration files separately.

🌙 Overnight Updates: Stay current with overnight updates that keep your hotspot running smoothly.

🌐 Multiple DMR Networks: Built-in support makes it a breeze to configure and manage multiple DMR networks for versatile operation.

Elevate your ham radio setup with the SkyBridge MAX Hotspot, designed to provide unmatched performance, convenience, and future-readiness. Experience the next era of ham radio communication – update yours now and embark on a journey of discovery in the world of amateur radio!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Mike Gemelke

Great job by the bridgecon crew

Rick Sweeney
Update seemed to brick it

I am not sure of the issue, but try big to arrange support for 3 weeks now. Worked prior to sending in. Now not. Followed instructions. It’s probably something simple, but I regret it at this point. I assumed an exchange unit or at least testing. It’s just a flash and shipping for lots of $.

Curt Miltner
Works like it should

Works well and has it done in one day!!

David Schott
No upgrade information?

Sent in my hotspot for the upgrade, unit seems to be working fine but I do not know what the upgrades were as I did not receive any information on the upgraded features?

Kim Umbaugh
SkyBridge Upgrade

I’m still not convinced this upgrade was nothing more than money in your pocket. Seems like a firmware update and nothing else. The dashboard looks better but the hotspot sounds the same as the old one. With little or no directions it’s figure it out yourself unless you want to pay BridgeCom more money for their training videos.

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