Plug and Play Package: AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS w/ SkyBridge Plus Dual Band Digital Hotspot

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"True plug and play! Plugged it in, turned it on and it worked. First QSO in 2 minutes success and it looks good too. Fast service. Company easy to deal with kept me updated at all times via email and phone. Great experience."   -Christopher Q., Plug and Play Package Customer

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Customer Reviews

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Sam Chesnutt
Great support

I’m new at this and BridgeCom has a lot to offer for those of us new to the hobby.

DJ Ehrlich
A great deal, the Plug and Play Package: AnyTone AT-D878UVII PLUS w/ SkyBridge Plus Dual Band Dig...

When I received my Plug and Play Package, I thought I was all set. I thought it came with the latest firmware. Not so, it had the 1.0 firmware. I had to install it myself. Not being that computer savvy, I ran into some problems and when I called for help, I was told that there were videos on that on BridgeCom University. I got the feeling, that they were too busy, to spend some time with me, to clear up my problem. The manual that came with the AT-D878UVii Plus, did not talk about the problem I am having. I am trying to get back to the SKY PARROT page, to test the unit. Instead I got SKY PARROT1 and when I talk into the unit I do not get a repeat as shown in one of the videos. The other issue I have, it in some of the videos, certain Items are brushed over too fast and what you show on the video is not what I see on my computer screen. When you are in the dashboard to follow along, when it comes to the area of the US, mine says -04 yet you talk about -01. I did not see that. It shows -02,-03-and -04. I live on the east coast. Do I have the right area?

Excellent product and phenomenal tech support

So, I was up and running nearly as soon as I got the box opened. I was able to connect via my SkyBridge, listen to others and even got a radio check within moments. Then, when updating the firmware on the radio (new fw came out after my package shipped) and changing a few settings on the SkyBridge, I found that I had done something wrong and couldn’t get back in/on the SkyBridge. Essentially, my wall wart fell off and unplugged itself while mid stream. After frantic emails to tech support, I finally saw in BridgeCom’s tech videos and in BridgeCom University how to fix it. I did, but Duane and Eric connected with me remotely and sorted out the few remaining issues I had. Awesome crew, awesome product and tech support that cannot be beat!

Anthony Jones
dmr fun

I have been having fun with my new plug and play package. If I had known how much I would enjoy DMR I would have bought the plug and package instead of my ft3dr

Marshall Poe
Plug-N-Play Bliss

The products sold by Bridgecom Systems in the Plug-N-Play Package have exceeded all of my expectations. The ham radio hobby is fun and a great way to meet folks. Now that I have my 878UVII Plus and the SkyBridge Plus, my ham hobby has gotten much more enjoyable. I highly recommend you get yours too.