Plug and Play Package: AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO Mobile Radio w/ SkyBridge Plus Dual Band Digital Hotspot

$ 824.98

“The SkyBridge Hotspot really opened up DMR for me. I enjoy being able to connect with talk groups from across the country and around the world. For a newcomer to Ham Radio it has made it easy for me to see why I want to dig deeper into the hobby.”

- Charlie Crabb - SkyBridge Customer.

Why the SkyBridge Plus is better than the Skybridge. 

  • Upgraded High-Performance Board and Processer (400% faster boot speed)
  • 1.3” OLED Screen Upgraded to 2.4” LCD Screen (3.38X More Screen Space
  • Tons of new display features (listed below)
  • Direct Ethernet Port and Displayed IP address - super easy to connect to the internet. 
  • New Jet Black Look
  • Limited Quantity Available 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Duane Forester
Great Package

The Plug & Play package is a great value. I already owned an 878 and was no problem to port over my code plug to the 578. I was up & running in no time. The SkyBridge was the real star of the package. I have trouble with the DMR repeater in my area so the SkyBridge fixed that & it works flawlessly. I’m new to Amateur Radio so there was a learning learning curve for the code plug software but it’s very manageable & has opened up my radio experience. Additionally, I want to give praise to the folks at BridgecomSystems for the help they provided. Very professional!

frank o'dell
Plus and Play

the instruction book does not tell you hoe to program frequencies iinto or tones into memory . all it tells you is jargon used in dmr radios

Leo Jackson
Great DMR Experience

It worked great plug and play I added local repeaters and more Talk Groups.