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What APRS Functions do AnyTone Radios Feature?

What APRS Functions do AnyTone Radios Feature?

 Check Out the AnyTone 878 Plus below:

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Jim - August 18, 2020

I also think that the ‘P’ in APRS was originally defined as packet which included both the position information and other message information. The position portion of the packet was gleaned thru onboard GPS capability and message information was gleaned via an onboard TNC thus making thus making the packet complete. With the advent of the more recent radios the TNC has been dropped due to either (a.)misunderstanding of the complete true packet capability as originally conceived or (b.) economic reasons. It was really convenient to have both location information and message traffic in the PACKET as originally concieved. I for one, would really like to the the TNC return to the next edition of the APRS equipped radios so we can include complete message information rather than just position information.

Gary Wescom - August 3, 2020

Actually, APRS or Automatic Packet Reporting System was intended as a generalized messaging system and predates common use of GPS receivers. Early use of APRS was typically keyboard to keyboard chatting and message server (bulletin board) access. APRS message servers were common on the HF bands in the past and some may still exist today. Though a number of different messaging schemes are defined in the APRS specifications, other than the GPS position reporting, few have had any interest shown. I’m guessing it was the introduction of PSK31 and other digital modes that distracted attention away from non position reporting use.

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