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Unboxing the AnyTone 878 PLUS with K6UDA Radio

Unboxing the AnyTone 878 PLUS with K6UDA Radio


This time on K6UDA radio. This one comes from BridgeCom. The AnyTone 878 with uh... It's a DMR radio with built-in GPS. Let's take a look here. Black and white stickers. Very, very cool. Read this first. Plug your radio in to the windows computer without installing a driver. Nice big operating manual. It looks like it's pretty much all in English. Yep. This is all in English, so there's a lot of information in there. Then we get to the radio. Throw that away. We don't need that. Okay. This is a nice solid feel radio here. I'm really, really impressed. I'm always impressed with the build quality of the DMR radios because they're modeled after commercial radios, so they always have a really good feel in the hand. This one's no different. That looks like the plugin for... plugs into the side of the radio somewhere. Little hand strap. Belt clip. A dual, a one into two USB port. This is... That's kind of an interesting thing. Let's pop that out. Two USB. Two mini USB ports into one, USB dongle charger. Drop in charger. Stock antenna, a remote PTT. Oh, this is the Bluetooth. Very, very cool. Oh, it looks like a wrist strap. Handlebar straps so you can plug this onto the steering wheel or the handlebars of your bike and operate it like that. And that is it, except for the battery. Nice, big, beefy battery here. This is a 7.4 31 milliamp... 3100 milliamp battery.

Not bad. Thank you. BridgeCom.

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Daniel Cameron - October 14, 2019

Have not been able to do much Ham as can’t put up antennas and run them through the walls. 2M on an HT is limited. Just now looking at DMR/D-Star/Fusion. It appears that I can make contacts all through the computer? I don’t have a PC, I run a Mac. Will the hotspot you folks offer run on a Mac? Looking at the bundle as I don’t think I could figure out how to configure it all. I’m not the most computer literate person, and I’ve probably forgotten most of my Ham basics. If it’s not plan-and-play I usually get frustrated, then it would just get put away. I live in Kalifornia, but we hope to be moving out of state soon. Is it hard to reprogram when I move or is that something I could send to you and have you reprogram? Cost?

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