Rick Cowperthwaite Testimonial

Rick Cowperthwaite Testimonial


Hi, folks. My name is Rick Cowperthwaite, K-N-6-D-D-E. 

I just purchased my first DMR HT radio from BridgeCom Systems. 

I purchased the AnyTone AT-D878UV PLUS radio. I wanted a DMR radio, so that I could connect to a local DMR repeater. 

I chose the AnyTone 878 because it has the most features of the radios I investigated.

 Among those are the Dual Band, built in GPS, and APRS. 

As well as Bluetooth. 

I am grateful to BridgeCom for providing instructional videos. 

And to Sonoma County Radio Amatuer Club. 

The club provided a codeplug for this radio that I was able to install quickly, and get on the air without calling an elmer. 

73, K-N-6-D-D-E. - Transcript from Rick Cowperthwaite


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