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New Update—BrandMeister Server 3101 Switching to 3104

New Update—BrandMeister Server 3101 Switching to 3104

Beginning May 1st of 2021, Brandmeister will be asking its 3101 server users to switch to the new 3104 master server. This change is due to unanticipated events requiring the server to be decommissioned. The server will be decommissioned around December 1st, but we’re telling you now to give you time to prepare for the change. If you’re currently using this server for your hotspots, repeaters, bridge connections; you need to start moving to the new brandmeister 3104 server.

Learn More: Brandmeister Server 3101 Switching to 3104 →

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Tom Abernethy - W3TOM - September 2, 2021

When I bring up the “configuration” on my SkyBridge and select DMR Master, the new 3104 server does not display.
I am currently on 3101 and would like to transition to 3104… How do I update the DMR Master table? I am use the older SkyBridge…

Many thanks!
73, Tom – W3TOM

Ricky Guthrie - September 2, 2021

My PI-STAR doesn’t have the 3104 as a choice yet. Will this add to itself? Is there something I have to do to get that choice in there?


Joe Eder - September 2, 2021

Thanks for the early info. 73

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