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K0LWC Tutorials the AnyTone 578 Bluetooth Functionality in his Tesla

K0LWC Tutorials the AnyTone 578 Bluetooth Functionality in his Tesla

Want to see how easy it is to connect your Anyone 578's Bluetooth to your car? Watch as K0LWC shows how his AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO Bluetooth Module functions in his Tesla!
View AnyTone 578UVIIIPRO -
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Andres - August 27, 2021

How did you install your power?

I installed my 578 in my Land Cruiser, power cables directly to the battery and it does not power on, tried two different sets of power cables and still no power. My cables all have Anderson connectors except the end that connects to the battery itself.

Radio works fine with my Alinco AC power at home. Trying to troubleshoot this issue.

Rob R - August 26, 2021

I paired with my Bluetooth ear buds. They paired without any issues. However, the sound is consistently LOUD even when the volume knob is completely to SILENT on the radio. I would go deaf if there isn’t a way to reduce the sound. Why does the radio volume knob stop working when connected to Bluetooth? Eeeek. Thanks for your time and help.

Bill - March 18, 2020

When I select the menu I do not have the Bluetooth option show up on my 578 UV Plus. It has disappeared.

Keith J.---AD8L - January 14, 2020

Hey Matt,
Thanks so much for the video on pairing up my new Anytone D578 UVIII Pro to the Bluetooth in my car. Very helpful video.

Mark - January 14, 2020

You will regret that move… Like Denver hasn’t turned liberal enough. Lived in both places for years. Minnesota will destroy everything you own from the weather and salty roads. Will also take your overall moral well being.

MIke Kelley - January 14, 2020

My Tesla is on preorder! Just need the 578!


Wayne F Steury - January 14, 2020

Very good! Now I need a Tesla. :-)

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