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Is There DMR Coverage in the Midwest?(Answered)

Is There DMR Coverage in the Midwest?(Answered)

Jim Smith asks, "Is there any coverage in the Midwest for DMR?" Absolutely, there's loads of coverage. Depends on where you are exactly in the Midwest. Here in the Kansas City area, in the Missouri area generally, we have a massive amount of DMR repeaters. Most of them are on the BrandMeister Network, run by the Back Yard Repeater Group. There's dozens of them. So depending on where you live in the Midwest, there's lots of DMR in certain parts. So hope that answers your question. If you'd like to get a DMR radio that can work on all these DRM repeaters, we recommend the AnyTone 878. You can find that and learn more in the link in the description below. Thanks guys, seven-three.

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