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Is The AnyTone 878 PLUS a Good First Radio? By Ham Radio Crash Course

Is The AnyTone 878 PLUS a Good First Radio? By Ham Radio Crash Course


Without further ado, let's get into it. 

The AnyTone AT-878UV PLUS. One of the questions was, would I pick this for a new technician? Possibly a first radio. Normally I would say no, I wouldn't recommend this for a new technician. I don't think DMR is the place for a brand new radio technician. Right? Our first radio. This is the fence rider. This is the radio that would be the fence rider for me. With the ability to program on the keypad, which this does have, and the ability for a less convoluted programming software solution, I find that this could be a first time radio. Now, of course that individual should just have a desire to get into DMR, so this would probably be more for the newer technician, but he's still a tech-y kind of person. 

But yeah, this is a fence rider. This is the first time I can say that I'm unsure on whether I would say, "Yes, new technician, go try this." Which speaks volumes about this radio. You guys know I'm fairly hard on DMR for its programming. Not the radios necessarily, but the programming and when the features all come together and the software works out well, I don't have a problem supporting it. 

And this is an example of that confluence.

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Ron Collings - August 16, 2019

I have asked number of times for someone to tell or show me how to go mobile with the AT-D878UV with the DVMEGA with my SMARTPHONE, But know one has replied to my E-Mails. I have not turned on my radio since I got it three weeks ago due to problems as it is in my antic and not available to use – as the only one wire is coming out of the wall to the computer is this 1/4" cable called a ETHERNET. So I’m back where I started from. Again I must ask for HELP from someone so I can get on the air [DMR] that is.

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