How to Update the Firmware for the AnyTone 878

How to Update the Firmware for the AnyTone 878

Sebastian (KBØTTL) makes updating your AnyTone Handheld quick and easy with this simple how-to tutorial video.

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Hey, this is Sebastian KBØTTL. Today we're going to be going over the firmware update for version 1.17 of the firmware for the anytone 878 and 878 plus. So the first step in our firmware update is going to be to place the radio in download mode. To do that, we're gonna go ahead and push this blue button down, as well as hold the PTT button down while turning the power on. It's best that I use two hands here I think to do that. Now you will be the judge here. So we're gonna hold that down, push this one, while turning on. Soon as we do, you're going to see this nice, pretty little red light up here flashing. That means that you're now good to go ahead. Pull your cable on the side. Pull your USB port and one of the empty USB bays on your PC and proceed to load the CPS program.

This is Sebastian KBØTTL. I'm about to show you how to do a firmware update to the latest version of firmware which is currently version 1.17. Please keep in mind that these methods will work for all earlier versions of firmware update, and most likely for later versions of firmware update as well, except that the file name will be named the name of the version of the firmware versus 1.17. With your radio in update mode, please proceed to do the following. From the Tools menu, we're going to go to firmware and icon update. We're going to open the update file that is in the file folder, where you unzip the files that you downloaded for your CPS program and firmware. In this case, we unzipped everything to Windows D878UV, 1.17 folder. In the firmware folder, select the SPI file and click Open. With your USB port plugged into your computer and with the cable plugged firmly into the side of your radio. Go ahead and light, the firmware to the radio. When we're finished, the radio will reboot itself. When the radio reboots itself, you have successfully performed a firmware update. I hope you've enjoyed our video today. And again, this is Sebastian KBØTTL. If you enjoyed our video, please be sure to subscribe and to like us on Facebook, 73!

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