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How to Switch from Dual to Single VFO Mode

How to Switch from Dual to Single VFO Mode


 This is Sebastian, KBØTTL. Today we're gonna go over how to change between dual and single VFO modes. We're actually going to be doing this by turning off the sub-channel. We can turn this on and off in the CPS software. I'm just gonna show you very, very briefly how you can go from one to two VFO modes here on your radio. I'm gonna step over to the computer here. We hope you're enjoying the content so far and if you like today's video, be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

So as you know the menu showing 868, 878, 878 plus, and 578 all have a selection between either a single or dual VFO. So in optional settings here, if you wanna go to a single VFO instead of a dual, as some of us classic old-time users do, or just those of us who wish to keep things simple, what we would go ahead and do is go to optional settings and then work mode. Now the sub-channel mode is the secondary VFO on the radio. So we're gonna go turn sub-channel off to go from the dual VFO to the single VFO on the front panel of the radio. So we're just basically turning that bottom VFO off when we go to sub-channel. So we can toggle that on and off here. What we can also do is toggle our display mode from channel to frequency mode. And channel mode would just be the channels that you pre-programmed in either earlier via the keypad or via CPS to the channels and the channel information that's in the radio. Or you can go to frequency mode. And when you're in frequency mode you can still specify whether you want the top or bottom EFOs to be memory channel or VFO information. So you can toggle between the two. So there's channel and frequency mode and you can turn that bottom channel, or sub-channel, on and off to essentially make it a signal VFO radio. Thank you again for watching. This is Sebastian, KBØTTL and 73. And if you liked today's video, be sure to hit that like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Christopher Wreck K2HVE - May 26, 2020

I have my 868 UV for about six months now and I’m loving everything about it. What a great radio! Your BridgeCom University is just what DMR radio needed and thank you BridgeCom for making DMR easy.
Chris K2HVE. Bayville, NJ

John D Lane - May 26, 2020

Why would you carry your computer to change this????!!! Total nonsence there is a way to do it with out the crutch(computer) thats what people need to know

John AA0VE - May 26, 2020

This was informative but you should have shown that you can program a function key to switch from single to dual mode. I’m sure there will be times when a person would want to go from single to dual mode (and vice versa) and he certainly wouldn’t want to have to go back to the CPS, change it, and load the changes up to the radio.

Thanks and 73,

John, AA0VE

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