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How to Program Your Radio Without a Computer

How to Program Your Radio Without a Computer

Computers are nearly everywhere. You probably have one at your home, in your office, and maybe even in your hand as your reading this. They provide a connection to the rest of the world through the internet, social media, and messaging apps that allow you to always stay connected. But this doesn't mean you should put your guard down. There may be a time where access to a computer is not possible and while the rest of the world may be losing their cool, you know there is a few other paths to making sure you stay connected. Whether your in an emergency or just in unfamiliar territory, it's important that when your access to a computer is restricted, you still have the tools you need to communicate. 

This week we show you how to program your radio without a computer so your never stuck relying on a separate piece of technology to effectively deliver vital transmissions.

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