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How to Create a BrandMeister Hotspot Security Password

How to Create a BrandMeister Hotspot Security Password

Is your BrandMeister security password not working? Learn how to create your hotspot security password for BrandMeister! In this video, you'll learn what hotspot security passwords work best and how to create your BrandMeister account for your digital hotspot. Once completed, you'll be ready to enjoy the most popular radio package in DMR:

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John Hudgens - April 16, 2021

Was setting up droid star and had to make a password for brandmeister, is there a limit of cartaers for droid star in this application? I get connection refused message, wrong password. Password gets me right in to brandmeister site immediately. I used 11 cartaers in my password.

WILLIAM KASLEY - August 26, 2021

I have been waiting for you to send me my password so I can setup my hotspot security password.

mario ribas - December 7, 2020

no luck with this issue ofpassword what is my account number i just purchase from you the hotspot can you helpme thanks 73s

Jim Toy - December 5, 2020

applied for Password a week ago….. no response… go to Brandmeister site – try to log into account… says its not activated yet….. the password I entered when setting up the account is to long in character and had mixed cases…. so when to site said forgot password… so I could change password …. they say they are sending link…. Nothing ever happens…. Customer support a Brandmeister – no way to access it without account.. – getting no responses from Brandmeister…. Dead in the water here with DMR.. Anyone know how to get into their customer service for support.???

Bud Hennessy - December 5, 2020

I used a conventional complex password with upper and lower case and numbers and a special character such as XYZabcd2512! and it works fine with my conventional RPi2 Pi-Star MMDVM hotspot.

John Lonigro AA0VE - December 3, 2020

I entered a hot spot security password on the Brandmeister site. Now I have a password to get onto Brandmeister, a hot spot security password (on Brandmeister), and a password to log onto my pi-star. These are all different. Do I need to enter the same hot spot security password on my Pi-star hotspot somewhere or do I need to change the pi-star hotpot logon password to match what I entered in Brandmeister? Otherwise, it doesn’t seem to make sense. Thanks,
John, AA0VE

Richard J Lennon - December 3, 2020

I wish I new of this earlier. GREAT job.
Password; to brandmeister and hotspot
I am back on the air.

Thanks to tech support and this video

Dean Cory - December 3, 2020

I have a Branmeister account but can’t access self care to set up a Hotspot password

Dean Ciry - December 3, 2020

I have a Branmeister account but can’t access self service to set a password

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