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How to Communicate with Family in an Emergency

How to Communicate with Family in an Emergency

The world is an uncertain place these days. More things happen each day that make people realize that the world they live in, may not be always as safe as it seems. With ongoing war, natural disasters, and power failures all constantly happening around us, having a plan to communicate with your family when a worst case scenario comes to life is vital. Having a plan in place that your whole family is aware of is vital, so no matter where a family member is at in the world when disaster strikes, they can be prepared and know how to make sure the rest of the family is unharmed. Here are some tips and methods you can use to communicate with your family when the chips are down.

The Most Widely-Used Option: Cellphones

Cellphones would usually be a good option under normal circumstances. In a disaster, there may be factors that make cellphones a less reliable option for those wanting to ensure contact with their loved ones. In emergency kind of situations, there is always a possibility that cell tower service may fail due to overuse or a loss of power. If the world is not under it's typical stable condition, it is wise to assume that your typical communication method might not be viable. If cell towers are crashed or  not operational, it could take days or weeks to restore their communication capabilities. This is way to much time to let pass if you are in need of getting in contact with a family member. Use your cell phone for instant communication in normal times, but remember you must have another plan in place. Relying on a cellphone as your only plan of communication could end up causing you major distress in an already stressful time.

Communication through Social Media

Communication through social media is a valuable resource you can utilize to communicate in unknown circumstances. Although they are social media platforms, sites like Twitter and Facebook have become two major sources for news and new happenings around the world. Although they are social media platforms, these types of platforms are becoming the go-to place for alerts that effect you and that you need to be aware of. 

Sometimes the news on these types of social media platforms can be controversial, or even just flat-out incorrect, so it's important to make sure to fact-check this information to ensure what you are reading is accurate, as this could lead to unneeded confusion or worry. 

Sites like Gab, Gettr, Telegram, and MeWe have been popping up as alternative social media sites in more recent years, and are all great tools you can utilize. The only common deficiency of all these platforms, is that they do require an internet connection. In dire situations, an internet connection may not be attainable, so it's important you aren't relying on any one things and have other options lined up.

Radio Communication is Vital

When the unexpected starts happening, having a plan in place that cannot fail is sometimes the only way to make it through those types of situations. Radio is the most reliable of the methods listed so far, as it does not require an internet connection, and does not rely on widely-used cell phone towers to work.

There are several types of radios you can explore, and it's important to know that when your family is in danger, this method is the one most likely to perform, and perform consistently at that. Remember, a cell phone may seem like the most reliable and is the most widely used, but in the type of scenario we are talking about, cell phone communication could be spotty or completely unavailable.

You have many options when it comes to communication through a radio. You are going to want something powerful and reliable, and power and reliability are two of the main features of the AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus, the most popular handheld radio we have in our store. It also boasts features perfect for disaster situations like the APRS RX AND TX capability, which allows you to beacon your location and see other operators on your radio as well, granting you the ability to track down your family's location. The 3100mAh battery allows for up to 35 hours between charges, giving you ample time to locate everyone, and get them to safety. Make sure to grab an extra battery for even more dependability. With DMR and analog modes, you have the ability to extend your transmitting range through DMR. Grab one for each member of your family for the most secure communication through radio.

Another radio option would be the Echo GMRS Radiowhich is easy-to-use, high-quality, and has fantastic volume and sound for easy listening during chaos. It does require a GMRS license to operate, which is issued by the FCC. The Echo can be utilized at longer ranges compared to our Buddy Radio, and can reach a distance of around 6 miles in open water and a range of 2 miles in a typical neighborhood. Because it is a GMRS radio, it does have access to channels that the Buddy FRS radio does not have and can also be modified to increase its power and range, whereas a FRS radio does not have that ability.
This is just one of the many reasons we recommend the Echo Radio for these types of scenarios, and not the Buddy, which has less range and may not be able to reach family members that are miles away.

Pick up a 578UVIII Plus or 578UVIII Pro for the car to communicate on the go, and make sure to grab a power supply and an antenna to complete your emergency radio communication kit.

Communicate Through Other Types of Phones as Another Option

Even though many have gone away from landlines, they do give you another option for communication in an emergency. When you cellphone dies and your communication options are limited, you can depend on ol' reliable, the landline. Many landlines are now bundled with internet or TV as packages and can be a cheap option that is sometimes an afterthought thrown in by cable and tv companies. This afterthought could be an important method to get in contact with a family scattered around the area.

A satellite phone is another great type of phone that provides another way to get in contact. These types of phones rely on satellites instead of something like the internet or cell towers. This gives you just another type of way to stay in touch, that can supplement for other methods if those methods are no longer a viable option.

Utilizing these various methods to communicate during emergencies secures your path to finding your family members and making it this situation together. It's always important to make sure you have several options as well, because during the chaos of these kinds of scenarios, you never know what is going to work, and what's going to give you a dead signal. In an uncertain world, it's essential to have the right equipment to make your world as certain as it can be. Have a plan, load up on radios and other forms of communication, and don't panic. You'll soon be on the other side of this emergency situation with your family and your wellbeing intact.

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