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How to Change the Font Color on the AnyTone 878/578 Radios

How to Change the Font Color on the AnyTone 878/578 Radios

Sebastian, KBØTTL, gives a quick tutorial of how to change the font color to the AnyTone 878 so you can customize it your way!

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Hi, this is Sebastian KBØTTL. Today we're gonna show you how to change the font color of the text down on your screen. You can change this to a variety of different colors. I'm gonna step over to the computer really quick to show you how to do this via the CPS software.

A few of the users out there were asking how they can change the color of the screen type on their radio. And there's actually a couple of different ways to go about doing that. And this is actually in optional settings, let me go over here, optional settings. And then just in the display tab those two can be changed. Now, this is supposing you've gone ahead and installed version 1.17 of the firmware and CPS on your radio. So, assuming that you're up to date with version 1.17, there are a few different options, that is color options. The call sign display color can be changed to various colors here, so the display color, I believe, is the background color. Then the standby character color can be changed here as well. Also, the channel name color in VFOA can be changed. And in VFOB they can be changed as well. When I attempted to change the text color from the menu in the front of the radio, that is from the front panel of the radio, it gave me options black and white. But apparently, in CPS you can apply other colors, which is interesting.

Now, when you power your radio on, and you have your name and call sign, the Anytone will actually vary the size of the text via your name. So in other words, if you have five or six letters in your first name and you have a relatively short call sign, and most call signs are no more than six digits long, the font that displays your name and call sign should be rather large. Now my name is Sebastian, so it's additional characters. So when I put my name and call sign in, it displays my name and call sign rather small on the center of the screen of my radio just to fit in all of the characters. But if you have a short name like Alan or Bob or something of that nature, the characters display a little bit larger on the screen.

Now as for varying the actual font of the display characters, like the frequency and things of that nature, I've not yet actually seen a video example of somebody doing that anywhere. So if you have any way of doing that, you might go ahead and just comment below on where you saw it and who you saw do it as far as actually varying the size of the type, say like in the VFOs. But so far I have not yet seen an example of somebody doing that.

We've had a few users ask us about changing the type color or font color on the 578 Mobile. There are a few methods here, a few options here, by which you would go about doing' that, these are. And see if you go to software optional settings and then display, so display settings. So we have the call sign display color, which we can vary. A few different color schemes here from orange, turquoise, white, blue, green, yellow, red. We have the standby character color, which we can change as well to the same colors. And then, of course, most interesting here, we have the channel name color in either VFO, A or B which can also go to either color scheme. When we go to power the radio on, we have just some blanks that we can put in a name and call sign. Now suppose you have a shorter name like Bob and then you have your call sign. The font is actually going to display much bigger when you turn your radio on for custom character. It's gonna display the word Bob in a much bigger font than it's gonna display my name, Sebastian, because the radio has to fit characters in. So that's actually customized by the radio itself, the display when you turn the radio on, the name and call sign.

I'm just gonna show you here real quick what I did to this particular radio and some of the font colors that we were able to change. You'll first see my name and call sign light up on the screen. Note that the radio automatically adjusts this font size to accommodate the size of your name and call sign. So if you have a longer name like mine, Sebastian, it's going to adjust the font size smaller. But say your name's Bill or Bob or something of that nature, it's gonna say Bill or Bob real big on the screen, and then your call sign because it auto adjusts to the size of your name so that it can fit it all. When we get up to the main screen here, (radio beeps) you're gonna see that I went ahead and changed instead of the standard white text, I went ahead and changed to an orange text for VFO 1. And I changed to a yellow text for VFO 2. Instead of the standard white background, I also went for a turquoise, instead of doing the standard text colors on that. So these are variable as in the menus that I've shown you here on the previous video. Thank you for watching. Again, this is Sebastian KBØTTL. Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel and 73!


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