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Ham Shack Pack DMR Giveaway Announcement

Ham Shack Pack DMR Giveaway Announcement



Do you want $1,451? Do you wanna win a pre-programmed, plug-and-play DMR mobile and handheld bundle with over $1,450? Well, if so, click the link down below to sign up. We're giving away a top of the line tri-band DMR mobile, a dual-band DMR handheld, a DMR hotspot, a pre-tuned mobile antenna, extra battery and speaker mic, our Beginner to Expert DMR course with over 90 lessons, and we're even gonna cover shipping for a grand total of $1,451.95. If you wanna win all that, click the link below to sign up. I look forward to drawing your name, 73.

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BIll ZApel - April 6, 2020

Thanks for follow up!

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