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Ham Radio Concepts AnyTone 878 PLUS Review + Giveaway

Ham Radio Concepts AnyTone 878 PLUS Review + Giveaway

Eric, from Ham Radio Concepts, reviewed the AnyTone 878 PLUS! 
Watch his video below to see what he thinks of it! 
Watch till the end of the video to see how you can win your own AnyTone 878 PLUS!
Click HERE to enter the giveaway.
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Jerry Heckel - February 4, 2021

Just watched the video, looks like I could use one. Also saw that two other people that I know already have one. Thats a good sign that great minds think alike. As soon as I get mine there is already two people that I will be able to talk to. Thanks very much for the view it was very helpful in my making up my mind to purchase.

Paul A Aubuchon - September 22, 2020

Just watched the unboxing..Alot of Info for someone who has been away for 15 live in a condo and no antennas allowed. DMR seems the way to go. Trying to learn more. Just got my radio ID..

Paul Aubuchon K1YOU

Walter Verney - July 28, 2020

What are the license requirements for dmr and d star thank you 73s AF4HE

David Mack - February 20, 2020

Love the radio having a devilish time getting the radio and software correct to use on D-star and DMR any thoughts have watched the BridgeCom university courses and found some difficult to follow. Any thoughts on where I can find more help

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