Ham Radio 2.0 Reviews BridgeCom Systems' SkyBridge Hotspot

Ham Radio 2.0 Reviews BridgeCom Systems' SkyBridge Hotspot

"It's compact and comes with the external battery and power cable for your car makes it much more easily accessible for you to grab and go and take it in the car and do portable work with it."

Ham Radio 2.0, also known as Jason, KC5HWB, recently reviewed the brand new SkyBridge hotspot from BridgeCom Systems.

The SkyBridge is our newest dual-band digital hotspot. 

Did you like what Ham Radio 2.0 had to say? 

Place your order now and be one of the many people to own the newest and greatest dual-band digital hotspot on the market! With more features, accessories, and capabilities than our previous hotspots, and backed with BridgeCom's support, the SkyBridge is a must-have!

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