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🌞 Soak Up the Sun with Weekly Summer Deals Starting July 9th! >> 🌞

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Complete 878 Plug and Play Bundle Setup

Complete 878 Plug and Play Bundle Setup

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Michael Barefoot - June 4, 2020

Now I’m usually one that nothing ever works like advertised. However, I opened the box just as Cody did. Put it together just like he showed, and it WORKED THE FIRST TIME! Thanks so much for the video. I’m looking forward to learning more via BCSU and talking to someone soon. 73, WB4PJF, Norwalk, OH

David Garner - June 1, 2020

video is too difficult to watch. Hit the pause and all kind of popups. Adds are too distracting.

ED flanagan - June 1, 2020

would have been nice if after he did the parrot he tried to get another ham that was monitoring for a short QSO

Joseph D Zaks - June 1, 2020

A great video would show the proper/best operating practices when working DMR. For example, if a repeater has 10 channels set up and I have properly loaded that info into my code plug, how do I most efficiently scan those channels? I may be wrong, but I think that if I do not key up the repeater I will not hear some (the dyanamic??) channels when they are active. Sometimes I listen to dead air for hours, then I will key up the repeater and there are a couple of guys talking away that I did not hear previously. There must be many similar things that a new digital operator needs to learn ABOUT OPERATING DMR that an experienced analog operator has no clue about. Also, a non-digital, but general ham info video about some transmission techniques would be good…. such as being sure to ID every `10 minutes; moving from a static TG to a dynamic local TG to free up the wide area TG; try not to say “Ah, uh,” in every sentence; discuss some topic of general interest, not limiting your QSOs to “I’ve got my new Anytone 878 here, how do I sound… thanks, gotta go feed the goldfish now.. 73”; I think you get the idea. It would do wonders to have new hams actually experience and enjoy to friendships that can be built via ham radio QSOs. Thanks for considering.

Leonard Hacker - June 1, 2020

K4ATG here, have not made the switch to DMR yet, but have been reading up on it. I am not sure of the distance to a similar repeater.

Gerald Carlburg - June 1, 2020

You guys should go to Look at the 3.5" screen hotspot! It surpasses ANYTHING available ANYWHERE! It actually has a touch screen that addresses multiple screens for ham radio. Has 5 or 6 separate Profiles, similar to Openspots. You can use this single hotspot to utilize all of the digital modes and various radios. Some being, DMR, P25, YSF, and others. It’s based on the highly reliable Raspberry Pi, with the Nextion screen on top. The main difference the TGIF software team has configured this to use the touch screen to select any of the profiles for various modes and conditions. Don’t sell obsolete stuff.

Michael Barefoot - June 1, 2020

Can’t wait to get mine. I will be really happy if I set mine up in 10 minutes! It has to be simple……I’m getting old! 73’s WB4PJF

Tyson Herzog - June 1, 2020

Do you sell the hot spot without the radio
And for how much

Kenneth Winser - June 1, 2020

And that is all I have to ,according to this video,no going on pi network manually etc.?
Seems to easy!
I purchase a anyone radio b4 I knew about you, n what a headache, I downloaded a code plug from your website,it a different code setting ,and my radio had a different setting like Europe, couldn’t convert it,followed instructions best i could, but still have radio sitting,also had dvmega uhf/vhf dual band ,couldn’t get the working either!
So I would be interested in your package deal if it requires, no more then what Cody does in video!
Thank You!
N3XEY 73

Gordon Vasseur WB8OOK - June 1, 2020

I watched the video. But who was he talking to? Can you call CQ? Did any one else hear his call? What kind of a response might he get? Is this connected to any local 2 meter repeaters?

Thanks Gordon

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