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Common Troubleshooting Issues For Programming Your Radio

Common Troubleshooting Issues For Programming Your Radio

Do you keep running into the same few issues when your programming your 878 radio? There are a lot of things that can go wrong when programming your radio, and one wrong step can lead to missed communications or faulty transmissions as you continue your DMR journey. Because programming a radio can be a complex process when things go wrong, we wanted to to be prepared if that is ever the case. This video hosted by Eric KFØCIY, goes through many of the common scenarios that may come up during the process of programming your radio. This includes things like different error codes you might see as well as issues with the CPS, and how to work through them.

Watch the video below for tips and tricks for common issues that come up when programming your radio.

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Rich Meyerpeter - April 15, 2022

How do you unplug power from the BridgeCom hot spot if you just unplug does it damage unit???

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