Brett wanted a "Do It All" radio so he got the AnyTone 878

Brett wanted a "Do It All" radio so he got the AnyTone 878


AnyTone 878 PLUS handheld:


Hi, my name is Brett and I just wanted to give you a quick review of the new radio that I ordered. I picked up this AnyTone and I heard a lot about it and I just got my ham license about a month ago and I wanted to get kind of a do-it-all radio.

All right, so there are some digital repeaters in my area but I didn't know if I was going to be able to reach them. There's some analog repeaters in my area so I wanted a radio that could talk to all of them and I thought it would be really cool to try out APRS with GPS. So, after reading a whole bunch of reviews and seeing some of the other videos that people have produced I definitely thought the 878 was the radio for me.

I kept hearing the name BridgeCom come up again and again, so I figured I'd check them out and they had a fantastic price on the radio. It took maybe two or three days to arrive to my house when I ordered it. And in the time that I ordered the radio to the time that it arrived, I was able to go through, like half of their videos on their free course they include when you purchase one of their radios.

So I have my radio all set up with my codeplugs, it's good to go and when I got it out of the box it was maybe like an hour of playing around with it and brand new to ham radio but I was able to figure it out pretty easily.

Super happy about that. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of my experience with BridgeCom and with this radio. It's awesome, if you haven't picked one up yet, the AnyTone 878 is amazing.


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