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AnyTone Handheld Single Button Talk-Around

AnyTone Handheld Single Button Talk-Around


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David Rock - August 24, 2020

Is there A repeaters that can work for all the three digal D star Dmr fusion . As the mobile radio is in timing mod will pick all repeater? Thanks N8POT

Dave Horton - August 21, 2020

HI I do enjoy your video’s.
On the Anytone 878+ can one listen to say talk grp TG9 Slot 2 and not recive any other talk grp. Live very close to my locam DMR repeater so can use talk grp9 slot2 to as a chat chanel.
I have turned of DIGI monitor slot1 & slot2 and set vfo to TG9 Slot2 but find you than get NO aduio out. On my MD380 and just listen to TG9 Slot 2 and not recive any of the other groups
TNXS very much 73 stay safe Dave.

Mike Merriman - August 21, 2020

You answered the question: Is there a button to use to see the input frequency of a repeater?
I think the person (and myself) would like to tell us which button that would be. I am assuming its a reverse button but others may not know that.
No response needed.

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