AnyTone Accessories Review with Bob, from K6UDA Radio

AnyTone Accessories Review with Bob, from K6UDA Radio

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Guys, this time we're gonna take another look at the AnyTone 878PLUS. 

So far, very impressed with the radio. 

I have been playing with it now for about a week and I've decided because I don't want to do a half hour, 45 minute video on doing an entire review on this thing, I am breaking this up into three parts. 

Today I am going through all these accessories this time on K6UDA Radio. 


Guys, welcome back to the big radio show and today, yes, I am gonna go through and review all the accessories that I got with the AnyTone 878PLUS. 

I'm gonna bring that all to you, but first of all, what I want you to do is I want you to hit that like, hit that subscribe button right now and while you're at it, why don't you go over to BridgeCom and enter the contest, I'll have a link for the contest below in the description, go ahead and enter that contest so you can get yourself entered to win one of these really cool little radios. 

I'm gonna do this a little bit differently, we're gonna go through accessories today, we're gonna go through all the software and programming, and then we're gonna get to the actual radio itself and how it works, how it performs and what is my final thoughts about it. 


Let's talk about the little case that they offer for this thing. 

It's a little leatherette pouch with a clear plastic screen protector on it. It fits fairly nicely on the radio. 

It gives you a room, you can use the little clip on the back, it snaps in back here, it has semi cutouts for all the controls on there. 

I mean, yes, I guess I can kinda see the transmit light. 

I can see the little blue button in here. 

I can kinda see the transmit light. 

'Kay, I'm on parrot. 

I'm not a big case guy. 

I don't put cases on things generally. 

But this one, it seems to fit good, I don't know, I guess it's got a couple of cutouts for speakers in the plastic, it's got a cut out here for the little condenser mic that is down there between the seven and eight buttons, both sides have an elastic band and it ends right there at the buttons, so you've got full access to all the controls of the radio on there. 

The only thing is, you don't have access to the drop in charger, so it's definitely gotta come out of the case before it goes back in the charger. 

Yeah, I guess if I took this out four-wheelin' or something to use it as a standard radio on 146.52 or one of the tack channels that I've got set up, I might put it in the case just to keep all the dust and dirt off of the thing. 


Probably one of my favorite accessories for this is this little hand mic. 

There's a million of these floatin' around on eBay and everything, which is fine, but I haven't found one yet at this kind of price point that has this kind of weight and heft to it. 

This feels very, very solid in the hand, the rotating clip on the back feels very, very solid, it doesn't feel like this thing is gonna come apart the first couple of times I use it.I'm gonna put this on parrot. 

We'll do a little bit of a comparison here. 

I'm testing this on parrot right now and we'll see how it sounds.

 All right, I'm testing this on parrot right now and we'll see how it sounds. Not bad, I mean it sounds good, it's clear. 

This is the radio. 

All right, I'm gonna hold this back so maybe we won't get any RFI and we're gonna test the hand mic on parrot. 

Right, I'm gonna hold this back so maybe we won't get any RFI and we're gonna test the hand mic on parrot. 

That my friends is nice and loud, I have the volume set to about half scale. 

Very, very cool on this.

Like I said, the volume on this radio is insane. 

Anyway, I would consider this mic as kind of one of my A-list accessories for this radio. 

This is a definite buy. 

And honestly, even if you've got a Kenwood radio that you wanna use this for, or a BaoFeng, of whatever uses a Kenwood plug, this is a top-notch microphone, go out and buy it. 

I have been playing with one of these little extra microphones here, both of them come with a PTT button remote, mic PTT button. 

It's okay, this is it okay, the sound coming out of this, unfortunately, you won't be able to hear it because it would be coming out of here. 

It's a bit muffled, it sounds kind of muffled and it's noticeably more muffled than both the stock speaker and this microphone, which doesn't really surprised me at all. 


But, if you prefer to carry covertly, so to speak, one of these microphones is probably gonna do you up really, really nice. As far as the earpiece, this is a standard covert earpiece, kind of a deal, I've also got the ones that I've had from work with custom-fitted little earpieces in there that stay in when you're fighting and all kinds of cool stuff. 

All right, you may have noticed that I have replaced the stock antenna on this thing with this Nagoya 701 that I'm currently running now and they also have the very long Nagoya, what is this? 

The 771, nice long antennae, probably'll get you a little bit more in the way of range out there. 

Personally I'm not a huge fan of those long antennas for my daily use, this one though, is nice and flexible, and it doesn't have a memory like all of these. I have bent, I don't know how many times I have bent up my stock antenna for the D74, I bent the stock antenna on my FT2, I was afraid I'd probably bend the stock antenna on this. 

But this one is really, really nice and I've actually gone ahead and ordered a couple of these for my D74 and my FT2. 

So anyway, now for continuous power everywhere you wanna be. 

If you're taking a long trip in the car and you don't wanna run out of batteries, plug this thing in and you've got battery all day, as long as your car is gonna start. 

Now, this brings me to. 

This is not necessarily an accessory that you have to buy, when you get the PLUS, this comes with it. 

A Bluetooth PTT button, say for the steering wheel, and the ability for this to pair up, not just to the PTT button, but this is suppose to pair to my car stereo. 

So, we're gonna go ahead and give this a shot here. Bluetooth connection on, Bluetooth device info.


- [Man] Wireless earbuds that-- This may charge, so they don't last the entire day, but I'm gonna leave them at the office as a backup in case I forget my headphones in the future.


- [Bob] All right my

friends, there you go.


- [Man] Good plan.


- [Transmit] All right, K6UDA using the PTT button and the car stereo to receive. 


- [Receive] All right, K6UDA using the PTT button and the car stereo to receive. 


- Holy crap, you've gotta admit, that is cool. So now I could take this with me throw the openSPOT in the car. 

All right guys, that's my look at the accessories for the AnyTone 878PLUS. 

Some of that stuff is really top notch. 

If you like that stuff go to BridgeCom, you can order that stuff up and while you're at it, go ahead, and again, hit the subscribe, like, and share. 


Anyway guys, that's all I got, I'm Bob K6UDA and I'm outta here, 73.

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