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AnyTone 578 Mobile: The Best DMR Mobile Radio for Amateur Radio

AnyTone 578 Mobile: The Best DMR Mobile Radio for Amateur Radio

Trying to find the right DMR mobile is a bit like a goose chase. It isn't straightforward, and you typically end up right where you began. As a result, many Hams give up on getting into digital modes altogether. So we decided to make it simple. Watch below as we share why the AnyTone 578 DMR mobile is the best radio for you.

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Gary R Garrett - August 27, 2021

Does your radio come pre-programmed?

Ernie Ojeda - August 27, 2021

Are there any plans to boost the 220 frequencies to anything near the other two bands

Dave Hamel - August 26, 2021

Sounds good but can it be easily programmed?

Richard E Jubinville - August 26, 2021

Tri-band is the way to go. 220 Mhz is not a busy band, so you can always get through with contacts.

Eligio Arias Corrales - August 26, 2021
Need more information the sistem
Bill Hardin - August 26, 2021

Question on the mobile antenna is it hard to install outdoors. Or is it compact
Thank you
Bill Hardin

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