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5 Facts You Didn't Know About DMR Radio

5 Facts You Didn't Know About DMR Radio

We all know DMR radio is connecting hundreds of thousands of Hams from around the world. We know it offers superior voice quality and signal coverage. It even has data applications and enhanced security features.

But, there are few things some of us might not know about it. So we’d like to share five facts you might not know about the most powerful radio mode there is.

What is DMR Radio? →

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robert schrock - September 2, 2021

thanks you

oz1gai - September 2, 2021

after having tested dmr since 2015, ive learned that its not for the ordinary guy.
its for the nerds.
Im a radioamateur not a computeramateur.
i dont want to register on a home page far away.
I dont want some guys to tell me that my fully functional dv4minis cant be used.
I dont want guys to be told to go and read on homepages when they ask for help.
I pocess teachings in tech Nat science from Aalborg University NW Denmark
I pocess teachings in Computer science from Lyngby North of Copenhagen Denmark.
I got my cert in 1979.
I can program my hytera 785, my retevis rt3 s , my droidstar ape on my phone and my dvmega box.
i think it’s ludicracy to squeeze thousands of TGs down over 2 time slots.
TG 1 or 91 worldwide runs most of the time, it leaves only one TS (TS2)for the rest of the repeaters – this has has led to nationwide TGs being moved to TS2 leaving local TGs ala TG9 useless.
The list is endless filled with stuff that makes dmr not amateurfriendly.
Let the geeks have it – and lets the rest of us be radioamateurs.

Michael A Fiedler - September 2, 2021

One correction. Bandwidth isn’t 6.25 kHz. it is 12.5 divided not in half, but divided sequentially; that is, time slot 1 for a period (using 12.5 kHz) then time slot 2 for a second period – repeating back and forth. I too often hear people talking about DMR like it was only using 6.25 kHz bandwidth. Not so.

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