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What is Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)? A Quick Introduction to DMR

What is Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)? A Quick Introduction to DMR

When you're first getting into digital mobile radio, you often won't understand the technology's details or how it even works. This confusion can create an uncertain feeling of whether digital radio is even the right way to go. I'm sure many of you who are just beginning with DMR share this feeling.

Today we'd like to discuss how digital technology has created a new form of radio communication: DMR. Specifically, we'll discuss what exactly DMR is, the key terms you need to know, and specific radios we offer in the world of DMR. 

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robert m fach - April 16, 2021

I would like to know about what is needed for your plug and play setup, etc. Thank you, kc0eoc

Martin Adams - April 16, 2021

I really appreciate the effort that went into making this ‘introduction’ to DMR. As a lifelong professional communicator, I have some suggestions for making it more accessible to those who are not radio nerds. The addition of graphics (visual aids) is a good idea, however I think they could have been used from the beginning, to show, as well as tell, what is being said. The speaker talks much too fast for an introduction, so visual aids, including animations, would help. He covers material that is too complex (without explanations and graphics or animations) for an introduction, uses acronyms that newbies may not know and moves too quickly from one aspect of DMR to another. It might help to say what DMR does that analog does not, in a way we can understand. If the goal was to introduce DMR to General and Extra class Hams, I still think this intro falls short. On the positive side, the speaker clearly knows the material, or at least how to read it at a breathless speed. I am now in search of an intro to DMR.

John Cribbett - September 2, 2021

Tanner Chadd, nice presentation regarding “ What is Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)? A Quick Introduction to DMR”. Thanks. KC9AMA

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