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Benefits of Two-Way Radio During Emergencies

Benefits of Two-Way Radio During Emergencies

We all know two-way radio is one of the most useful forms of communication in the world today. It's used in almost every type of industry by construction workers, security officials, retail managers, and almost anyone working a ballgame or concert. That's not to mention the thousands of hams that use two-way radio every day for more casual communication. Though two-way radios are both functional and practical in all these different cases above, there are some situations where these two-way radios absolutely crucial to have, and can be the difference in your survival, and your peril. That's why were going through these two-way radio benefits during emergencies, so you know all the reasons you should absolutely have two-way radios handy in case things get ugly.

After two-way radios were first invented, people quickly began to realize the many uses theses devices could have during wartime situations and other cases where it was vital to have quick communication. This concept hasn't changed since the invention of two-way radio, and it's still essential when you need quick and reliable communication, and even more so during emergencies. Part of the reason it's so vital, is because other forms of communication will not be nearly as reliable. Many don't take into account that other forms of communication might not work in emergency situations. Cell phones can be quite unreliable and depend on cell towers to make communication. In present times, cell phones also often rely on internet access for many functions like using messaging apps, checking the weather, and getting on social media, all functions that will be completely useless without access to the internet.

Two-way radios at the least, give you reliable communication in during tight situations. A radio like the Buddy FRS Radio, or Echo GMRS Radio, may be great options during emergencies if you need a quality radio to get the job done for a great price. Both radios provide two-way radio communication back and forth. Just remember, the Echo GMRS Radio does require a GMRS license but is a bit more powerful than the Buddy, so make sure you get what you know will work best for you. Given the service they provide, both radios are extremely affordable. Need to get a GMRS Liscence? See how here!

A lot of two-way radios work on a line-of-sight basis, so just keep that in mind if you are looking for a radio, or need one for emergencies. Line-of-sight typically means that the radio will transmit about 3 miles if there are no obstructions due to the curvature of the earth. But, if you are standing on the top of your house, or the top of a building in an emergency type of situation, you can usually transmit tens of miles away, depending on the power of your radio.

In addition to be a being a crucial communication tool for families, two-way radios also makes life for your business much safer and ensure your company is much well equipped for emergencies. Imagine a big storm is going to hit a concert you are attending and the staff isn't properly prepared to handle the situation. This could result in an absolute disaster that ends with casualties and confusion among all in attendance. The utilization of two-way radio among the staff at this concert would allow quick communication between employees in order to get attendees to safety in a timely manner. If you want to keep your staff protected and connected in dangerous scenarios, the BP-268 is perfect for commercial settings like this. This radio protects your business, your attendees and your sanity, as you now have constant communication, no matter what is beyond the horizon.

There are also many features already built-in to two-way radios that will assist you in the middle of a crisis. A radio like the 878UVII Plus possesses many of these latest and greatest features you can utilize. It has an extra long battery life of around 35 hours between charges. This means you can go days without charging it thanks to it's 3100 mAh lithium-ion battery. When's the last time you went 35 hours without charging your cellphone? With DMR support and operation, the 878UVII Plus is able to transmit digitally over the internet if you are in need of long-distance communications. Just remember in these types of situations, internet may not be a viable option.

The 878UVII Plus also has the ability to use GPS and APRS RX AND TX capabilities. This means you have the ability to beacon your location and see other operators on your radio too. Talk about an amazing feature to have when the going gets tough! One of the best ways to ensure your safety during an emergency is utilizing the 878UVII Plus. It has the features and power you need during a catastrophe, and also has the capabilities to transmit both short and long distances.

So, we all know two-way radio is one of the most useful forms of communication in the world today, and now we know how useful two-way radio is during an emergency situation. Whether you are a father, mother, business owner, or just want to be prepared, two-way radio is crucial for making sure you and your crew make it out on the other end, together. Grab one of our two-way radios today for yourself and your family or work family, and you will never have to question whether you are ready to face what may be ahead.

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