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How to Use Your Skybridge Hotspot Without WiFi

How to Use Your Skybridge Hotspot Without WiFi

So you are stuck in a situation where no WiFi is available. Sometimes this can seem like the end of the world in today's day and age. There are so many devices that depend solely on a WiFi connection to do their job. Luckily, we were one step ahead with the SkyBridge Dual Band Digital Hotspot.

Using the SkyBridge without WiFi may be more simple than you think. All you will need is your SkyBridge, as well as internet and an ethernet cable. 

Our first step is to find the router or motem box located in your residence, or wherever you may be wihtout WiFi. Typically your router or modem is plugged into your wall, and is usually located in the center of the home.

Our second step is to locate the ethernet cable. This will look something like the image to the right. You will want to plug the cable into the back of your router into one of the ethernet slots.
Ethernet Cable
The third step would be to plug in the other end of your ethernet cable into the ethernet slot on your SkyBridge Hotspot.

To access the SkyBridge, you just need to have your computer on the same network as your SkyBridge. And there you have it. You don't have to depend on a singular connection. You are now using your SkyBridge Dual Band Digital Hotspot without any sort of WiFi connection. 

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David Maas - April 15, 2022

Please correct spelling error in "Our first step is to find the router or motem "

Dave KING - April 15, 2022

Finally, got my Anytone working. Was able to connect to a repeater about 15 miles away. Only problem was when I was monitoring the radio lost signal. Moving it around it regained signal and I could listen. Having this problem 😕 I ordered the Skybridge Plus. Hoping this will help me out.


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