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How To Update Your SkyBridge Hotspot Using Pi-Star

How To Update Your SkyBridge Hotspot Using Pi-Star

Is it time to update your Pi-Star Hotspot? Updating your hotspot can be an simple solution that can fix many minor problems that you may be experiencing. This short guide will give you steps and images to show you how to update your Pi-Star Hotspot so you don't have to worry about figuring anything out by yourself.

Let's start with plugging everything in: First, plug the ethernet cable in and then the power cable, and wait for it to initialize. Your screen should say 'Initializing' and will look like this when finished.
You will want to be sure to make note of the IP address that's near the top of your SkyBridge screen.

Now, we will transition into getting on a computer that is hooked up to the same network as your Skybridge. Locate that IP address that just appeared on your SkyBridge Screen, and type that into your search bar, and click enter. This should look something like the screenshot below.

You will then see the screen below pop up on your computer. And at this point, you will need to click 'configuration'.
You will then simply type in the username and password when this prompt appears.
This will be in all lowercase.
Username: pi-star
Password: raspberry

Next, we will click 'Update'.
This is going to run us through the whole updating process. Just wait a minute for this updating to complete, and the program will say 'finished' at the bottom of the screen as soon as the update is completely processed. 
At this point, your hotspot should be up to date and ready to use.

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Brian Pacchetti - April 15, 2022

My SkyBridge Hot-Spot is already configured and working. Will updating Hot-Spot loose my existing settings/working configuration?

Than you, 73, w6dwy

Joe zaks - April 15, 2022

You should remind people to backup their memory card before doing the update.

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