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How to Turn Off the Volume Window Pop-Up on Your 878UVII Plus

How to Turn Off the Volume Window Pop-Up on Your 878UVII Plus

Need an easy way to turn off the volume pop-up window when you adjust the volume knob? 

Here's a very simple way to use the CPS programming for your radio to turn off that volume pop-up. Watch the video, or follow the simple steps below to make sure this pop-up never slows you down during your DMR expedition.

(Scroll further down for written explanation below)

Open up your CPS (Computer Programming Software) and then open up your optional settings on the left side menu of your CPS screen. Then you will want to take a look at the tabs at the top of this 'optional settings' menu, and look for 'Display'. Then you will want to look for the 'Volume Bar' setting on that list of settings.

All you need to do at this point is click the down arrow on the 'Volume Bar' setting and flip this to 'Off'. Then just click 'OK' to complete this process.

This short process allows us to make sure that pesky volume control screen stops popping up every time you lower or raise the volume, and lets you get back to what you love doing most, making tons of contacts.

Call us at 816-532-8451 and ask about our 878UVII Plus, and we'll teach you everything you need to know to use it effectively.

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