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BridgeCom Systems MV-1 RoIP Site Linking Video

How does the BridgeCom Systems MV-1 RoIP site linking solution work? Watch the video and see RoIP used to link two "sites." What's in the video: One channel of audio at each site. Each site contains a UHF mobilie radio connected to an MV-1 connected to a router for IP. BridgeCom MV-1Kenwood and TecNet UHF handhelds are used to key up each site. A Tecnet mobile and DuraComm power supply will be at each site with the MV-1.




MV-1 Demo Video

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mark - April 20, 2016

hello ive been working with alex from gmrs outlet for a few years now regarding my gmrs repeater setup and ive been working on upgrading some of my equipment
he told me about te mv-1 because I’m looking to add a link site or more than 1 if possible I’m looking at the mv-1 and I think it may do what I need I’m looking to see how much these unit wil set me back thanks a bunch
mark valvo
kc2szb wqiu824

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