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In-Building and Multi-Site Communication

In-Building and Multi-Site Communication

In-Building Communication Solution BridgeCom MV-1

Scenario: Your local textile plant has added on to their facility.  The new addition is an RF dead spot because of bad line of site and Interference.  What do you do? 

 Solution: Add a Base Station for in building communication and use BridgeCom Systems MV-1 RoIP solution to link the RF.  Check out the diagram to see how easy it can be.  


Multi-Point Communication Solution BridgeCom MV-1

Scenario: The local hotel chain would like to communicate to their security team at the headquarters.  The headquarters is in Las Vegas and the local hotel is in Des Moines, IA.  What do you do?  The headquarters would also like to communicate to 19 other hotel locations nation wide. Now what do you do? 

Solution: Use BridgeCom Systems MV-1 to create a wide area communication network.  


What is the MV-1?

The MV-1 provides for a simple RF to RF end point or RF end point to RF multi endpoint channel connection. The MV-1 is connected to the accessory port of a base radio or repeater.  Then, by using an IP link, connections can be made to other MV-1 attached to radios or repeaters.  A wide area site-to-site system is now created.  The MV-1 provides a less expensive solution when just one to one or one to many remote voice connections is required.  Do you need two RF end points, we offer the MV-2 as well.  Should you need more than two connection, give us a call for a custom quote.

BridgeCom Systems MV Series

Other scenarios where linking repeaters is helpful: public safety, emergency communications, disaster management, amateur radio event communications, mobile event communications trucks, race teams, special events, agriculture, theme parks, and more.


Check out the MV Series

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