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Analog and Digital Connect: BridgeCom Systems Deploys Interoperability Solution to Angleton, TX

The city of Angleton, Texas, had to answer some hard questions about interoperability and regional, shared networks following Hurricane Ike in 2008. In fact, the Category 2 hurricane led the department to completely revamp its communications network.

When Ike made its final landfall in Galveston, Texas, during the early morning hours of Sept. 13, it was a Category 2 hurricane. Ike impacted the Gulf of Mexico coastline from Louisiana to Corpus Christi, Texas. It caused 112 deaths and an estimated $24 billion in damage. It was the third-costliest Atlantic hurricane in U.S. history. Ike knocked out the power and regional communications system for several weeks in the Houston/ Galveston area. Angleton, with about 19,000 residents, was one of the cities affected. “The system failed on Saturday,” says Greg Smith, former city administrator for the city of Angleton.

This article was published in Mission Critical Magazine

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Angleton TX BridgeCom 7CH portable Communication RoIP RackAngleton TX Portable 7CH RoIP back or chassis

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