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Texas Council Deploys BridgeCom Interoperability System

Texas Council Deploys BridgeCom Interoperability System

BridgeCom Systems deployed a wide-area communications solution for Nalcom Wireless in Palestine, Texas, which serves the communications needs of the Heart of Texas Council of Governments (HOTCOG). BridgeCom deployed single-channel gateways and controllers to each county site and connected all the counties via IP through a TL-NET server located at one of the county facilities.

HOTCOG members developed a requirement to link the council’s public-safety entities and provide an interoperability solution so talk groups of the six counties could communicate with one another. In addition, they required dispatch control to cross patch various groups on the fly in the event of an emergency. The dispatcher of a particular county needed the tools to link two talk groups from different agencies at the press of button.

The system also provides each county member with BridgeCom’s PC Client Dispatch Interoperability software running in Windows that uses a new cross-patch feature. This allows county dispatchers to monitor all channel activity and cross patch talk groups as needed, The deployment is in conventional mode, but the feature is available in for Logic Trunked Radio (LTR) trunked networks as well.


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