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Protecting Schools: 2000 sq Miles, 45 Repeater Sites, 1 Linking Solution; BridgeCom Systems TL-NET

Protecting Schools: 2000 sq Miles, 45 Repeater Sites, 1 Linking Solution; BridgeCom Systems TL-NET

How to link over 45 repeater sites with Motorola’s MotoTRBO IP-Site Connect using BridgeCom Systems’ TL-NET MV Series.



School Communication LinkingNow more than ever, school districts covering large areas are seeing the necessity of providing reliable communications during times of emergency. Baldwin County School District located in Baldwin County, Alabama, consists of 45 campuses covering over 2000 square miles. The school district had three major requirements for a seamless digital communication solution. First, the district required the ability to place district wide emergency and announcement calls. In addition, all emergency calls are to be patched through to the local law enforcement’s communication system. Secondly, district officials required all radio users to be able to send and receive district wide voice and text alerts. Thirdly, the system required GPS tracking for school buses in addition to voice and text communications. The solution had to be seamless, private, cost effective, and reliable.

CES, Team One Communications, Inc based out of Mobile, AL was awarded the bid to provide the solution to Baldwin County. Team One partnered with BridgeCom Systems to assist in the site linking capability. Team One is an authorized Motorola Channel Partner and BridgeCom Systems, Inc. is a third party application developer for the MOTOTRBO professional line of land mobile radio products.


Reliably linking 45 school campuses with area wide voice communications poses several challenges. How to cover and penetrate each campus building while at the same cover 2000 square miles so that all mobile and fixed units can hear emergency calls? In order to build a reliable system and meet the three system requirements, Team One utilized Motorola’s MOTOTRBO IP-Site Connect...

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