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🎁 This Month ONLY: Buy an 578UVIII Plus, Get 50% OFF a Tri-Band Antenna! Just add both items to your cart, then use code JUNEDEAL at checkout! 🎁

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15 Items You Should Be Stockpiling Today

15 Items You Should Be Stockpiling Today

15 Items You Should be Stockpiling Title Graphic

We all see it happening. Grocery stores have less supply than ever, the global supply chain is unreliable, and items that we are used to having such easy access to are not nearly as readily available as they once were. It's easy to understand it's more important than ever to be ready for anything. The good news for us, is that we still have time to stock up on the things we know we will need. Especially if things continue to progress they way they have. Here are the 15 items everyone will wish they had during a crisis, and the 15 items you should be stockpiling today, so you can protect you, your family, and the community around you.

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1. Food

Non-perishable food items will be essential to an extended emergency or crisis situation. A lot of non-perishable food kits can last 20 years and even longer so you should have at least one or two longer-kits like this available and ready to use. Stock up on your typical long-lasting canned food, as well as other foods with a long shelf-life at the grocery store. Grabbing a couple extra cans every time you go shopping will ensure you have plenty of emergency supply foods.

2. Water/Water Purification System

In a lot of emergency scenarios, you will not have access to running water that you are used to in every day life. No more showers, no washing your hands, no more grabbing a glass of tap water from the sink. Storing many gallons of water in storage can get bulky so it's smart to have some sort of water filters or water purification tablets as a backup, or even a primary source for water. This is not something you will want to take for granted.

3. Communication Tools

You can never have too many ways to get in contact with someone, especially when connection to another human might be at a premium. So many people, and even some preppers are unequipped for emergency situations that may arise. If something were to happen with the power grid or if cell phone towers were down, many places in the world would go dark without the proper comms back-and-forth to organize and move forward. Something like the Buddy FRS radio is great to keep track of family and neighbors around the block, but something like the AnyTone 878UVII Plus will ensure you have extended communications with other ham radio users and other digital mobile radio users, should internet-access still be available.

4. Batteries

Batteries would be an absolute commodity in a situation where power lines are down and there is no access to electricity. Make a list of all the items you have that are powered by battery and then ensure you have backup batteries for each of these items. Battery-powered tools will be essential in a crisis scenario, but these types of tools are useless if you don't have anything to power them. Make sure you have plenty of AA and AAA, but also check and see what your other devices use. Oh, and make sure to pick up an extra battery for your 878UVII Plus and ensure you always have the ability to get in contact with someone.

5. Lighters/matches/fire starters

You never know when you are going to need to build a fire for warmth, cooking, or light. There are so many benefits of being able to make a fire, it's vital you always have the ability to do so. Grab some matches, lighters, or fire starting kits so you have a way to cook something, and have a way to warm up in the cold. Lighters, matches, and fire starters are great, but they do all eventually run out. Make sure you have plenty of each of these items so you never have to wonder what happens if you don't have access to a fire.

6. Guns/Ammo

In times of crisis, ensuring the safety and security of yourself and your loved ones becomes paramount. Having a reliable firearm, an ample supply of ammunition, and appropriate protective gear can be crucial for defending your home and family, as well as deterring potential threats. Whether it's for hunting game for sustenance or safeguarding against unforeseen dangers, investing in firearms and ammunition responsibly can provide an added layer of protection and peace of mind during uncertain times.

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7. Boots/Shoes

I'm not talking about having an extra pair of shoes that you use to mow in. You need to have at least 1-2 pairs of high-quality boots or shoes that will help you navigate the new scenario that you might be in. A good pair of shoes usually will last about a year, and a good pair of boots should last you longer than that. You may no longer have access to retail stores to pick some up, and making shoes out of what nature provides will not give you the feeling of safety and security a good pair of boots provide as you navigate different terrains. Make sure the shoes on your feet are reliable and ready to traverse the different elements you will encounter.

8. Generators

A power generator will ensure you have access to electricity when the rest of the world may not. The difference this will make post-disaster will be huge for you and your family. You may be the person that everyone in the neighborhood goes to for warmth and shelter, or you may just keep it to yourself in a more rural area. Either way, a generator gives you abilities that so many around you will not have. If the power grid is down and you have a generator, you are one.. no.. ten steps ahead of everyone else.

9. Candles/Flashlights

If the power grid is down, that means no lights in your home, and no power to your outlets. No turning on lamps, and a flick of a switch no longer lights up the room. As long as you have plenty of candles, flashlights, or other light sources, this won't be an issue for you like it might be for so many. You will probably need at least 3-5 candles in each room depending on the room size, and putting a flashlight in each room ensures you will never attempt to accomplish tasks in darkness. Check out the MURS MV-65 for a radio with a built-in flashlight!

10. Tarps

Tarps have multiple uses for different situations and that's why you should have multiple tarps that are various sizes to execute various tasks. Tarps provide shelter when you have had to flee your home and are left to making a home in the wilderness. In addition to protecting you from the elements, tarps also provide concealment and safety. You may be in hiding from foreign invaders, or may need to keep your family out of the rain and cold. No matter the circumstance, having tarps and backup tarps will ensure you have some sort of shelter and a hint of home in the woods or wild.

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11. Soap/Sanitizers/First Aid

It's important to be cleanly, even if this is not at the everyone's list. Stop infections and keep things around your shelter free of disease. You will not have access to the normal things you do to keep yourself clean on a daily basis so having some way to provide sanitation and hygiene is probably more important than many realize. These items do have a bit of a shorter shelf life to remember to keep your supplies up to date and ready just in case. Soaps and sanitizers keep out disease and keep you out of harm's way.

12. Clothes

Making sure you have enough clothes to last you and your family long periods of time guarantees you have dry, comfortable clothing to wear for the long haul. Underwear, socks, shirts, pants, and jackets are the essentials, and you should always be sure each member of your family has multiple backups. Those that are unprepared for this type of situation may need a change of clothing from you should the community rely on you due to your readiness for scenarios like this. 

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13. Tools

Equip yourself with tools, screws, nails, and knifes to give yourself everything you will need to develop a shelter or help fix various things that may have been destroyed. A wide variety of tools should always be kept around, but it's important to make sure you have backups at the ready should you need to get out of town fast. Once again, make sure you have battery backups to your tools if they require a certain battery and also check to see if too many of your tools will require electricity. Electricity won't be a problem with a reliable generator, but remember that your supplies won't last for a long period of time without backups and reserve supplies.

14. Duct tape

This stuff can fix anything! But on a more serious note, duct tape can be used in so many cases. Use it to to construct a shelter, secure a broken limb, or fix a hole in the boat you are using to get to safety. You never know when you are going to need it, but you do know it has so many uses in so many situations. Most people have a roll around the house, but not many have 5-10 rolls ready to go in case of emergency or for extended survival periods.

15. Fuel

Fuel for your generator, fuel for your car, fuel for cooking. It's extremely important you have something to give all your tools and equipment power. Gasoline, propane, kerosene, and butane are all fuels we can use that will power various lanterns and cooking stoves. Not to mention gasoline for a car may be the only way you will be able to travel place-to-place. Gas becomes even more important in a situation where fuel stations have broken down or have been emptied. Be careful with fumes as well as shelf-life to ensure safety.

Because we know it's already hard enough to get these items with some of the global supply issues we are experiencing, it's time to start stocking up. Having any of these various items greatly increases your chances on your path to survival, but having these items in bulk gives your 
community and family someone to rely on with the proper tools needed to survive for more than just a few days. So stock up, get your food, water, and fire starters in bulk, and be ready to protect the community around you. Others may not be near as prepared to face what may be ahead.

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