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2016 Missouri QSO Party Contest April 2nd & 3rd

2016 Missouri QSO Party Contest April 2nd & 3rd

The 2016 Missouri QSO Party Contest will be held THIS WEEKEND from April 2 from 9 am - 11 pm and April 3 from 9 am - 3 pm.
MO QSO Planned Party Operations
This is a great contest to participate in, because everyone is looking for YOU. You can operate CW, SSB, and digital modes on all the HF contest bands (160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, and 10m) as well as 2m, 220, and 440 simplex. VHF/UHF calling frequencies are 146.55, 223.15, and 446.55. There is a SHOWME certificate available for anyone who works enough 1x1 special event stations with suffixes to spell SHOWME. For example you could work N0S, K0H, K0O, N0W, K0W, N0E and receive a certificate. Also, the W0MA station counts as a wildcard to fill in one letter if you end up missing one. The exchange is a simple 59(9) and your county abbreviation (check here to find yours: For all the information go to <> website and check out their Facebook group: <> Fill out this form <> if you plan to activate any counties. Please note that we desperately need more counties activated, including a few ones that are typically activated, like Jackson, Platte, Clay, and Boone. Check out the rules here: <cleantext_url_05o7s2t5771q2t099s9t155t0947572tMOQP-Rules-2016.pdf> We also have a dedicated spotting page for the MOQP: <> 73! Jacob AD?JA K0H from WAR County for the MOQP
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