My Gosh My New BCM-220 Mobile January 03, 2017 14:30

I received my BCM-220 for Christmas, and today I finally got to program the Lansing Michigan 220 repeater in and OH my gosh, it was so easy, the manual is great. Boy the microphone is so heavy [ I had to laugh] you could use it for self defense if need be. I tested it on a dummy load with 5 watts 12 miles from the repeater and it came up full quieting.
I will text you pictures as soon as I get an antenna up out side for I build my own antennas using the Hustler mobile base coils with 8 radials made from stainless steel. I use a Bird 43 meter to tune them in at center frequencies to have an absolute flat SWR. Meanwhile I am just going to just listen to the repeater till I get the antenna up, so I will keep in touch and will be spreading the word about BridgeCom 220 radios.
Al Wright, KE8DR
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