D-500 DMR HT Has features competitor doesn't offer, Five Stars April 05, 2017 16:11

Ivan, W4SNP: I bought a VHF and UHF version of the D-500 for amateur radio use in my area. The VHF DMR system seems to be down (even my Moto radio cannot access it any more). However the UHF radio works great, this radio has no problem getting into repeaters from the long distance I live and in the car. The D-500 appears to have a better case than its competitor along with painted numbers on the channel selector switch and lines on the control knobs. Even though they both appear to be the same radio the D-500 seems to function better than the competitors my brother bought. I would recommend this radio over the competitors even though there is a cost difference mainly because of the service I got from BridgeCom. I had a slight problem using the programming software they quickly found a solution that worked. Something you cannot find with the average auction house vendors online