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BCS-200 Speaker Mic Superb TX & RX Audio!

BCS-200 Speaker Mic Superb TX & RX Audio!

Superb TX & RX Audio!
This speaker mic was a gift for my son to use with his HT. I love the crisp TX audio from it, and he says that the RX audio is really clear when he clips it near shoulder. If you don't have a BridgeCom HT, this mic will still work with most if not all of the cheap Chinese radios and will make them actually sound decent on the air. I know because I tested it out on a Baofeng that I use as a paperweight (because the TX audio is horrible and muddy), and with this mic it actually sounds amazing. Another plus is the fact that this mic has a headphone plug in it so you can use just about any headphones/earbuds, etc to listen if you need to. Just plug them into the jack that's on the mic. Yes, you can get cheaper Chinese hand mics on Amazon, but they are NOT going to sound good. Spend a few bucks more and sound like a million bucks on the air!

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Jeff Nettleton / KE9BV - June 29, 2017

I just wanted to let you know my NEW BCH-270 works like a charm. I recently went on a trip to Chicago and used it a few times while on our trip and had allot of compliments on the audio quality. It was a little bit of a challenge figuring out the software programming and getting it connected to the port of my radio, but all is good and have been very please with the performance of the little HT. Your support and help from Bridgecom has been 1st Class! I will probably be adding the 220 ht to my line-up here soon. Thank You!

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